The Importance of Education in Our Lives.

I, Subham Barnawal, am studying in grade 11 at the G.V.N. Secondary School. I am a student who believes that education plays a vital role in every situation of our lives and helps in the development of our character. It helps to make a person knowledgeable and understandable about the various situations that will occur in our lives.

It is a key to knowledge, opportunity, and personal growth. It helps to develop personality and makes us confident while speaking in front of a large audience. It provides us with knowledge about various types of things. It makes us responsible to others. It provides us with the knowledge to respect seniors and love juniors.

Education is something that helps make us capable of facing any kind of obstacle in our lives. As we know, there are many countries that are developed and developing due to their educational capacity. We have known about the difference between developed and developing countries because of the education we have obtained from our study. Countries like China, America, Australia, Canada, etc. are developed countries because of their education capability and technology, whereas countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan are considered developing countries due to the backwardness of education and technology in their countries. There are two types of people: educated and uneducated, depending on the type of education they have obtained. Educated people are considered to be people who are knowledgeable and have the capability to use advanced tools and technology, whereas uneducated people are considered less educated people due to their lack of knowledge and ability to use advanced tools and technology.

As we know, education is a ray of light in the darkness. Without education, a person is considered less educated and less knowledgeable. That person has less ability to use advanced tools and technology. It helps every student distinguish between right and wrong things. Every student should get the education they need to develop their personality. The government should develop the education system of public schools so that students can get an education in both a practical and theoretical way.

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