My Journey in Event Management: Organizing Beauty Pageants and Roadies

My name is Sarchi Chaudhary. I am a grade 11 student at GVN Secondary School, focusing on management (BS). Although I’m only 17 and not well-known in the media as an event organizer, I’ve successfully managed to organize a program with permission from the chairman of Nepalgunj.

Organizing events is challenging and requires a lot of effort. We started by gaining support from various local businesses and schools, despite some companies prioritizing profit over supporting our vision.

We aimed to provide equal opportunities for all students and not just focus on financial gains. Our sponsors included local businesses and institutions such as wine shops, Majestic Party Place, CST Hotel, Sarchi Collection, Laxmi Beauty Salon, Singh Jewelers, and GVN Secondary School.

We actively promoted our beauty pageant, “Prince & Princess of Nepalgunj Season 1,” across local schools and colleges and held auditions from which we selected talented participants: Sandhaya Chaudhary, Illma Khan, Ritika Thapa, Dipasha Malla, Dipsika Malla, Abisek Giri, Shriya Badwal, Smirth Chaudhary, and Mansu Rawal.

We offered free training to these students, although some costs, such as photography and forms, were not covered. Our training programs included classes on public speaking and personality development, games, and various workshops that helped improve their skills daily.

Additionally, we visited a local ashram to engage in social work and discipline training, which was beneficial for everyone involved. We also organized photoshoots in natural settings and at Laxmi Beauty Salon to give students practical experience and exposure.

As we approached the finale at CST Party Place, the event showcased multiple performances, starting with a cultural show followed by a talent display. Modern, bridal, and other themed shows highlighted the diverse talents of our participants over the 15-20 days of intensive training.

After announcing the winners and distributing prizes, I couldn’t be prouder of my students. Their hard work and dedication were truly inspiring. We are excited to celebrate their success and look forward to continuing our support in the future.

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