My experience in a Beauty pageant.

Myself, Ilma Khan. I’m studying in Grade 11 at GVN Secondary School with the faculty of management (2080). I’m a beginner model and a beauty pageant participant. The pageants were sponsored by GVN Secondary School.

One day I was normally studying in my classroom when three girls came up and were describing the pageant. They said it’s a modeling show where you wear different clothes and walk on a ramp. The beauty pageant’s name was PRINCE AND PRINNCESS OF NEPALGUNJ, season 1. By listening to them, I got curious about what they were talking about. So, I went to the training center to talk to the organizer with the girls. The organizer was also a student at our college. So, the two organizers told me that the training fee is totally free, and you can start the training today. So, I told them that I had to get my mom’s permission first. My mom also agreed, so I started the training that day. I made a lot of friends, too. The participants were from different colleges and schools. From our college, there were only 3 students. Sandhya Chaudhary, Ritika Thapa, and I were the participants from our college. Me and Ritika were wild card entries, but Sandhya was from the beginning. It was quite hard to learn from zero when everyone was pro. But I practiced day and night. My feet used to hurt a lot because of those heels. After 1 week, it was our first photoshoot. The photos were so damn gorgeous. I really liked them. Then again, after 1 week, it’s time for our talent round. To be honest, I’m not good at dancing or singing. But I’m good at cooking, so I made some traditional dishes. The judges liked my dish as well. Everyone enjoyed eating, and they keep saying that I’m really good at cooking.

So, finally, on New Year’s Eve, it was time for our final show. It was the time when our hard work was going to show. The show was going to start at 4, but our makeup and dress management started at 1am. There were 7 rounds. The first round was an INTRODUCTION round. The second was the CULTURAL round, where we showcased our traditional clothes. The third round consisted of GROUP DANCING. We danced to two hip-hop songs. The fourth round was a SINGLE DANCE round. That was the round where I was very nervous, and I also forgot my steps, but at the end, everyone enjoyed my performance. Then, the fifth round was HIP-HOP CLOTHING round. The sixth round was the GOWN DRESS round, and lastly, the seventh round was the Q&A round. Not all participants were selected for this round. In total, there were 13 participants, but only 5 were selected for the seventh round. 4 girls and 1 boy were selected. I was also in the top 5. Then the judges asked me the question, which I answered with respect, confidence, and discipline. And lastly, I got awarded the title of MOST MULTIMEDIA AND THE VIEWER’S CHOICE. It was my honor that I was awarded such big titles. I was so happy that I couldn’t handle my tears. My parents were also happy. Then the judges selected two winners. One female and one male. I was happy for everyone who got the titles that they deserved.

And I’m also thankful for GVN Secondary School for giving their students such an opportunity.


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