Music and Me

It won’t be a coincidence that both ‘music’ and ‘me’ start with ‘m’. It is for the ease of bearing the burden of proof that, “I am music.”. Most of my days begin with music and end with the effort of articulating the meaning in the lyrics of some songs. For me, music is not just about songs but rather also the melody that soothes me, playing in the background. Be it the poetic words sang in rhythm, or the frequencies let out by classical instruments, I enjoy every form of music, and everyone should. No one shall be deprived of the natural tendency to enjoy all kinds of music. No specific genre is better than another. We should enjoy, try to tune along, and be in flow with songs and music of any genre. From Panche Baja to Phonk, everything is so good. Bias towards any genre is just futile, and we just limit ourselves from enjoying a potential new realm of music. How many realms are there? I can’t quite put it down. It’s that music shall be an essential part or journey of everyone’s life. Without music, my days would begin as dry as rocks…? and end with an empty mind echoing thoughts of what not. As the satirical Nepanglish saying goes, “I eat music, I drink music, and I sleep music.”

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