Major problem in backward Rural community

My name is Prachi Barnwal, and I am studying in grade 11 at GVN Secondary School. I am a member of the Social Club and a volunteer for the Sadbhav Foundation. I love traveling to different places and learning about people’s lives and stories. I have gone through many health camp programs as well. Firstly, it was quite good for me to know about people’s lives and places. Until now, I haven’t seen the most remote area.

I went to a village named Lakhnawar( लखनवार). It is situated in the area of Hawaldarpur, but it actually takes a lot of time to reach there. We went to the eye camp, and I found their people were illiterate, and they were also far from many facilities like transportation, health, communication, education, and many more. There was only one government school. The children were coming from very far away to study there.

When we were asking for their information, we found that among 200 people’s rarely, 9 or 10 have cell phones. And all were today’s youth who were studying, so what about other people? How are they communicating with anyone? If they need help for anything, how are they managing that? It was so weird for me. I wondered why the government has not paid attention here. They were far from the health facilities, too. As we all know, farmers are the real gods, as they prepare food for us, and it should be our responsibility, i.e., government responsibility, to pay attention to their needs. In case of an emergency, how would they call someone if they don’t have any means to communicate? They need to go first to those houses where cell phones are available. It may take a lot of time. Transportation facilities were very rare. So, people were taking time to reach the school, where we had set up our camp. Many people were having lots of problems with their eyes. Until I hadn’t seen this place, I was also not aware of the situation there. So, who knows? In many places, people may still be facing lots of problems.

As we know, everything starts only if we try first, so, we should start. Therefore, we should work hard to bring them forward. We should help them solve their problems and reach out to the government so that they can have better facilities than before. As I said before, farmers are our real gods because, through their hard work, we get food. And that food helps us to fulfill our stomachs and gives us energy to do something better for the nation. But if the farmers are not well, who will work hard for us and who will prepare regular meals for us? So, we should raise our voice and try to help those people who are still away from the facilities in this era or generation.

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