Journey to Lumbini: Discovering the Peaceful Legacy of Gautam Buddha

I, Subham Barnawal studying in grade 11 at G.V.N. Secondary School. I am a student studying in the management faculty (BS). One day, our college decided to take all the students in the business studies stream for the Lumbini visit. At that moment, i was so excited to know about the history of Gautam Buddha because he was the person who brought peace to our country, Nepal.

As we know, a visit is a kind of thing that provides a lot of knowledge and information about various types of places. This visit was so auspicious for me and also served to provide me with a lot of information about Gautam Buddha, such as how Siddhartha Gautam started his journey to become a Gautam Buddha.
When, I went to Lumbini, I started getting the peaceful vibes that everyone wanted in their journey. The weather was so hot at that time, but it didn’t stop me from moving towards my journey. It was such a different feeling for me to get information about the Gautam Buddha because he taught us that peace is the important thing that brings unity among the people. No word was there for Gautam Buddha to explain about his greatness. I went there and felt that everyone was so quiet, and no one made any noise there. I just felt that the soul of Gautam Buddha came inside every person. That place was so beautiful, and every wall and roof consist of beautiful and elegant art, which shows the culture of that place. This shows how much hard work the artist put into making such works of art on the walls and roofs. The temple’s environment was so quiet, and also, eternal peace existed there.

At last, this visit was so fruitful for me because it helped me find out that peace is the main key to the development of the moral character and behavior of a person. It also teaches us that a person’s silence says everything. Non-violence is the essential tool to bring peace and unity to the country.

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