Finding Your Way in New Horizons: My Journey Through the First Year of College at GVN Secondary School

College life is just for two years, where every year introduces new challenges and lessons to us. It encompasses the comprehensive interactions, opportunities and support students encounter throughout their educational journey. GVN College goes beyond knowledge acquisition and involves the academic, social, and personal aspects of their time in education.

My name is Prachi Barnwal and I am one of the students of GVN secondary school studying in management faculty (B.S.) I have recently gave my final exam of Grade 11 and soon I will be joining for grade 12. I had already spent my first year at this college. I would like to share some of my experiences during this whole year.

Although I was looking forward to going to college, my first year was hard to go by because of new people, new classes, and new teachers as well. I didn’t have any friends from high school. So, the first day of college, I walked into a class with complete strangers. I was very uncomfortable and, at the same time, nervous. But, as time passed, I got to know some of my classmates very soon. I made new friends, and I also learned about teachers.

Subjects that you get in colleges are way more advanced than ones in high school. The material is made in a way that you know it is trying to say that I need to know more about a lot of things. The teaching processes of all teachers were very different. We got a good education throughout our 1-year time. Despite education, we also had sports day, engaged in club activities (like social clubs and dance clubs), and other extracurricular activities that helped students show their talent and inspire education.

Our college had many programs that refreshed the students as well as provided some additional knowledge. In our free time, we could go to the library or computer lab for further studies. Our teachers believed that ‘Practical knowledge is better than Theoretical knowledge’. We also got the skill to present our thoughts and views through presentation programs during the classes, which helped students build up their confidence level and also have a good relationship among team members. We visited various industries and took a one-day trip to Lumbini to gain some knowledge.

Throughout my time here at GVN secondary School, I have had the great opportunity to learn so much about the ways of college and how to improve my academic life and my social life. Despite it being overwhelming and stressful, these experiences have helped me develop and learn new advice and resources on how I can personally succeed while attending college. While there are many things that I learned in a year, the most important is to keep a positive mindset. I develop the confidence to speak in front of a large group of people without any fear. This year was really one of the most memorable, and I am hoping for the same in upcoming year.

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