Evaluating Success: Beyond Marks and Expectations

Life is all about the results that were obtained by our hard work and dedication to our work. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. The result does not show your capability and potential. Those who learn from their mistakes get success in their lives easily. Every person in this world judges every other person by their results, and they don’t want to know about their capabilities.

My name is Subham Barnawal, and I am in grade 11 studying at GVN Secondary School in the management faculty of business studies. I am also a student who took the SEE examination, and I know about the pressure of this examination, but the pressure never stops those who are used to it. I also know about the feeling after succeeding in this examination, but i was not that happy after getting success in this examination because I had not obtained the marks according to my expectations.

I felt so bad that I had not obtained the marks according to my expectations, and I felt I let down my teachers and my parents too. They were not just expecting this from me. After, I knew that those who checked the copy first needed good handwriting and a presentation about the topics. They also wanted the students to be clear about the related questions. This is all about the concept of the student and how much they know about those topics. Secondly, the results also depend on the teachers; some teachers were so strict on giving the marks, and some of them gave the marks averagely. This also happened to me in those subjects where I had expected less marks and obtained more marks in that subject, but in those subjects where I had expected more marks and obtained less marks. This is the inverse of what happens in my marks. So, in my point of view, the results mainly depend upon the personality and attitude of the teacher, who mainly checks the copy.

As we know, the SEE results matter a lot for those students who want to be something in their lives. The teacher should show equality between the students whose writing is good or not. Writing does not matter in today’s generation because this is the modern generation where mainly modern technology exists, which does not require writing skills. So, the SEE results mainly depend on the attitude of the teacher, and students also demonstrate their hard work in their studies. They should give their whole dedication towards their studies, but they have to study to make their lives better, not to be toppers. Learn to improve your life and to get education. Education is not only used in our lives; it is a life itself.

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